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#8467: Audio artefacts encoding AAC
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                 Type:  defect      |                   Status:  closed
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              Version:  git-master  |               Resolution:  fixed
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Changes (by Balling):

 * status:  open => closed
 * resolution:   => fixed


 I will just point out that in.mp4 is not gapless, Lavf58.29.100 being the
 encoder. 2112 samples should be removed from the start, yet there is no
 such info in the editlist's media time or in iTunSMPB. 2112 samples also
 mean it was '''not''' encoded using native ffmpeg encoder that has 1024
 samples and does insert media time.

 Please note that .ts does not support editlists and so please use mp4,

 It does appear fixed and I will also say that it is also correctly
 applying editlist's media duration here (not only media time of 1024
 samples), but I am not sure whether this is just lucky coincedence since
 the source file is gapless in the end.

 Anyway, 660d1d8e3b1c605226a28c6d39a311e12698b6f6 changed the native's
 encoder method to Two loop searching (TLS) method, which made the new
 encode almost perfect (compared to out.ts). Of course ideal is still this:
 https://github.com/nu774/qaac which uses Apple's encoder. Full stop.
 libfdk is also not compatible with GPL 3.0!!! LOL, it is a joke!

 So... Also see #9433.
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