[FFmpeg-trac] #9903(avformat:new): hls demux emits eof packets on some tls/ssl errors

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Sat Sep 3 23:30:57 EEST 2022

#9903: hls demux emits eof packets on some tls/ssl errors
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 My IAP (french "free") hls peering with twitch.tv is accute trash (was
 fine with SFR IAP). While reading twitch.tv streams, the hls demuxer will
 generates tons of tls/ssl errors, but with some streams, not all, some
 tls/ssl errors will generate empty/EOF packets in the middle of valid

 Then when I send valid packets after those spurious(?) empty/EOF packets I
 get the error: non null packet after EOF packet.

 Since it is a network quality issue, as a workaround, I do "clean" those
 empty/EOF packets from the packets queues(video and audio) before trying
 to read from the hls demuxer again after an error, and playback seems more
 than fine, namely I do not need to reset/flush the decoders.

 This is nasty, because it would seems that if I reset/flush the decoders I
 will get probably choppy playback. It feels like normal and fine playback
 is expected to work around in some specific way those network errors.
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