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#9921: DASH has duplicate AAC timestamp
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Comment (by philipn):

 I think my analysis and potential fix was wrong. The timing in the DASH is
 correct but the packet timestamps read are wrong.

 The first segment file contains 235 frames. The init segment edts
 determines that the segment starts at the second frame (time 1024), i.e.
 the segment presentation duration is 234 frames. The earliest presentation
 time property of the second segment should therefore be 234 * 1024 =
 239616 and that is what it is set to.

 The packet timing issue when reading however can be seen when re-encoding
 using "ffmpeg -i test.mpd test.mp4". This results in a "[aac @
 0x55bee3dd4280] Queue input is backward in time" warning.

 Another example is opus, "ffmpeg -i test.mpd -codec:a libopus test.ogg"
 which results in
 "[libopus @ 0x560e352de280] Queue input is backward in time
 [ogg @ 0x560e352cc0c0] Non-monotonous DTS in output stream 0:0; previous:
 240648, current: 240584; changing to 240648. This may result in incorrect
 timestamps in the output file."

 The incorrect timing matters if the thing that is processing the media
 doesn't correct or ignore the issue in the right way.
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