[FFmpeg-trac] #9929(avcodec:new): ff_color_frame null pointer exception

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Tue Sep 20 12:21:19 EEST 2022

#9929: ff_color_frame null pointer exception
             Reporter:  Andrzej      |                     Type:  defect
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                                     |  unspecified
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 I'm investigating a crash in a complex application, so my apologies for
 not providing a small repro case.

 I'm decoding a H264 NAL stream with ffmpeg without any HW acceleration.
 The pixel format is set to NV12. When attempting to decode the first
 frame, I get a null pointer exception in ff_color_frame, specifically in
 memset. ff_copy_frame is attempting to access frame->data[2], which is
 null for NV12.

 It seems that the function assumes that each color component corresponds
 to one plane, which is clearly not the case for NV12.
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