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#9738: Malicious webm video
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             Priority:  critical  |                Component:  ffplay
              Version:  4.4.1     |               Resolution:  invalid
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Comment (by Athari):

 Replying to [comment:2 Michael Niedermayer]:
 > as mkver said.
 > If i word it differently,
 > A valid file can require arbitrary amounts of memory. -max_pixels allows
 to limit  resolution based memory consumption
 How is a 512x512 video correct if it has 15000x15000 data inside it with
 apparently no way for user to tell it apart? (Even relatively low level
 tools like MKVToolNix Info Tool don't show this.)

 This video leads to app crashes due to lack of any sanity checks. It's no
 different to ZIP bombs, XML entity bombs, JSON depth bombs etc. These are
 often dealt with in libraries using various sanity/safety checks enabled
 by default, even though the files are technically valid.

 I think restricting max pixels to width x height x 4 (?) would work in
 almost all cases, and it's people who do want to accept these weirdly
 constructed files should be expected to use an option like

 This file leads to crashes due to OOM errors. This can cause OS to crash.
 This can be abused in denial-of-service attacks. It's impractical to
 report this issue to thousands of applications and services and expect
 every developer to implement sanity checks manually. Something needs to be
 done by default.
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