[FFmpeg-trac] #10329(undetermined:new): ffmpeg output: *** stack smashing detected ***: terminated

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Fri Apr 21 16:45:23 EEST 2023

#10329: ffmpeg output: *** stack smashing detected ***:  terminated
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 Oh dear.  I just built (cross-compiled under Ubuntu/mingw64) ffmpeg with '
 -O3 -fstack-protector-all -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 ' and received the follow

 ffmpeg.exe -h
 *** stack smashing detected ***:  terminated

 So, it now crashes immediately.

 I have cross-compiled it like that a few years, the last time being
 2023.04.03 and that runs fine.
 "The only thing that has changed" is:
 - latest mingw64 under the latest Ububtu 22.04.2
 - added a couple of new dependencies eg brotli (which "shouldn't" affect
 'ffmpeg -h')

 Help !  How do I "fix" that ?
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