[FFmpeg-user] Streaming text with libavfilter drawtext

dave at arthistory.cc dave at arthistory.cc
Sun Dec 2 18:51:59 CET 2012


Just for info I have at least tried to search this list for an answer
before posting.

I have a streaming text that I would like to get added to my stream. What
I'm aiming for here is to get data.txt re-read every second so the textdata
in that(that updates every 0.1 seconds) will be shown in my stream:

ffmpeg  -f dshow -i  video="Integrated Camera":audio="Internal Microphone
(Conexant 2"   -s 320x240 -r 30 -metadata title="my soo awesome video"   
-loglevel warning -vf
  -f flv rtmp://698400.fme.bambuser.com/b-fme/myuserid

I have tested to add draw=lt(mod(t\,1)\,1) but what I'm looking for is
really redraw=every second.

If this is not possible to achieve please redirect to the source code for
adding that option, if you got time.

BR David

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