[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg in ubuntu-11.10 installation (success)

maujhsn 103730258b at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 21:49:31 CET 2012

I am a slow learner...not willing to try new ubuntu upgrades unless I
absolutely have to. Which brings me to my point.
I built this version from "git" rather than the "source snap-shot" my
question to the experts is this: Is the "git" version the more
stable of the two versions? And if I decide to upgrade ffmpeg in
ubuntu-11.10  Should I stay with "git" and not try to monkey around with
the "source snap-shot"?
My third question is this I want to next install Pulseaudio...however, I
want Pulseaudio to work w/ ffmpeg and not create any conflicts!
For example I use to enjoy creating screencast using ffmpeg and pulseaudio
in 10.04. Can I enjoy the same success in 11.10. Anybody have any good


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