[FFmpeg-user] Need to convert 11k files, can ffmpeg run without console window?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Sat Dec 8 16:42:34 CET 2012

Am 08.12.2012 16:37, schrieb Alexander von Allmen:
> I have ~11k small files I need to convert, wrote a script, everything is working fine, however each file opens up a console window, which grabs focus, so I can’t do anything on the computer while it’s running.
> Is there a way to get ffmpeg’s console window to either pop in the background, without taking focus, or preferrably prevent it from opening alltogether?

try the windows task planner which is more or less compareable
with crond on unix - not sure how it is called in english

in my windows days years ago i "missused" it as example to start
"liteserve" (a small smtp/pop3/http.. server with GUI) on system
start which supressed the whole GUI and the application was running
completly in background

another option maybe cygwin which AFAIK starts also windows-applications
and may have a way better konsole management supress starting thousands
of terminal windows

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