[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg input, output and config

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Sat Dec 8 19:19:05 CET 2012

Zac Harvey <zachary.harvey <at> gmail.com> writes:

> So my first question is: can ffmpeg even do this?

While the answer is probably "yes", you did not nearly 
give enough information about the setup you are using 
to actually make this a question that can be answered 
at all.
(Of course FFmpeg can encode to h264/mp4 with the help 
of x264, and if you are not distributing binaries, you 
can of course use libfaac to encode aac, and while I 
have never tried, user reports indicate that udp 
streaming is not unusual. Recording audio is possible 
via alsa and some alternatives, so if your system 
provides any possibility for recording audio, I guess 
you can use it from FFmpeg. The important thing that 
definitely cannot be answered is if your camera is 
supported: Not only do you need a driver afaict, the 
colour space has to be supported by FFmpeg - I suspect 
h264 cameras may not work - and in the end it may 
happen that A/V sync is impossible because alsa and 
v4l2 do not share the same timescale, you will only 
find out by trying, the v4l2 device in FFmpeg contains 
some options that may allow to correct the sync.)

Carl Eugen

PS: I should probably add that streaming mp4 in 
realtime (via udp or other means) seems impossible 
afair, but since this is not a limitation of FFmpeg 
(but the format), I guess this is just a typo on 
your side.

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