[FFmpeg-user] Chunked request when using "-progress"

Nicolas George nicolas.george at normalesup.org
Thu Dec 13 19:11:46 CET 2012

Le tridi 23 frimaire, an CCXXI, Вадим Лазовский a écrit :
> I've just installed nginx 1.3.9 with chunked input support.
> And still it behaves not as I am expecting.
> As described in manpage:
>        -progress url (global)
>            Send program-friendly progress information to url.
>            Progress information is written approximately every second and
> at the end of the encoding process. It is made of "key=value" lines. key
> consists of only alphanumeric characters. The last key of
>            a sequence of progress information is always "progress".

Do you believe it could be enhanced somehow?

> FFmpeg sends POST-request headers at start and after that it sends a chunk
> with current progress each second.
> *It is not possible to use this chunks in realtime because web server waits
> for full request body (terminated by last zero-length chunk),*
> *so web-server passes this request after the process of convertation
> (ffmpeg process) completed.*

IMHO, that is exactly what I predicted.

> This information is non-realtime and useless.

The information is real-time out of ffmpeg, it is your web server that makes
it non-real-time.

> I expect ffmpeg making separate POST-request with current progress
> information. Ex.:

> All these requests can be made in the sope of one keepalive connection.
> If web-server does not support keepalive or closes the connection for some
> reason, ffmpeg should re-establish the connection for a new request.

All this is possible, of course. Patches are welcome. I am not sure that
reusing a connection using HTTP keep-alive would be easy, but that does not
matter much.

> Requests could be identified by input name / output name / process id /
> etc. and some unique key. ex:
> input=/tmp/in.avi
> key=ad24d5qw
> This pairs must match to identify continious progress.

You can add any information you want as part of the URL:

> 2012/12/13 Nicolas George <nicolas.george at normalesup.org>

Please do not top-post on ffmpeg mailing-lists.


  Nicolas George
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