[FFmpeg-user] rtmp packet can't parse some of the packet

258mailbox at 163.com 258mailbox at 163.com
Tue Dec 18 10:57:31 CET 2012

hi friend,
i want to parse RTMP packet,and the function 
void ff_rtmp_packet_dump(void *ctx, RTMPPacket *p)
in file libavformat/Rtmppkt.c seems can't work for some situation,

for example:
there is an Strict array Contains 2 items,one is an Object,and one is Reference, details list below:

>Strict array (AMF Type:Object,2 items)
   >Object (AMF Type:Object, 2 items)
      > Property 'agent' String 'Win'
      >Property 'id' String '4702432342341'



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