[FFmpeg-user] How to? DVCPRO NTSC --> DVCPRO PAL

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Wed Dec 19 11:38:01 CET 2012

Bernd Butscheidt <bbutscheidt <at> yahoo.de> writes:

> >ffmpeg -y -threads 8 -i input.mov -pix_fmt yuv411p -aspect 16:9 -vf
> >"scale=720:576:interl=1,fieldorder=bff" -vcodec dvvideo -map 0:v -an
> >-map_metadata -1 -r 25 output.dv
> >
> Assuming "interl=1,fieldorder=bff" does the deinterlacing from 
> 29.97 fps to 23.976 fps full frame

No, that is impossible, the scaler does no deinterlacing, 
deinterlacing filters deinterlace.

Carl Eugen

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