[FFmpeg-user] No accelerated colorspace conversion found from yuv422p to rgb24

Ronny Bismark tum.bismark at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 23:54:56 CET 2012

2012/12/19 Roger Pack <rogerdpack2 at gmail.com>

> On 12/19/12, Ronny Bismark <tum.bismark at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I used *$sudo make install* to compile (and it went trough) but no change
> > in the warning.
> > I'm not using a command line to use the camera. I use the usb_cam package
> > from ROS. I asked the same question in the ROS and OpenCV forum and they
> > said it's most likley a ffmpeg issue, which covers the most stuff I could
> > find on the web.
> >
> > *here is the function in the usb_cam.cpp which takes probably care about
> > the conversion:*
> I don't see what your'e trying to do overall here...you're using the
> "hardware acceleration" to get mjpeg images, but then you're
> converting them?  Does this give you a higher fps rate or something?
> Your hypothesis is that the warning message "No accelerated colorspace
> conversion found" is what's causing your extra latency?  Is it using
> 100% cpu?
> You may want to try removing all traces of ffmpeg (libav*) from your
> system and rebuilding...
> -r
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I just want to use the hardware enabled mjpeg compression of my webcam. So
mjpeg compressed data comes from the cam but the decoder (which I need for
further processing) doesn't seem to work. the CPU goes up to 100%
(Pandaboard with ARM-Processor 1.2GHz dual core) so I hope the accelerated
colorspace conversion (what is it directly?? hardware or software) will
boost up framerate respectively eliminate the lag.

I already installed ffmpeg 3 times ( ffmpeg-0.10.6, ffmpeg-0.6.2 &
ffmpeg-0.6.6 ) without changes.

it seems to be a known problem but I still couldn't find a proper solution
for my system.
Bug report #143
Bug report #1246
Bug report
Stackoverflow post

Would be great to get your thoughts about how to solve this problem.

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