[FFmpeg-user] When to determine frames are progressive or interlaced ?

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Thu Dec 20 16:46:05 CET 2012

Lou <lou <at> lrcd.com> writes:

> > Don't forget about telecining. See "The difference 
> > between interlacing and interlacing":
> And that is what happens when "send" is too similar 
> to "paste". Let me try again:
> http://mod16.org/hurfdurf/?p=12
> Which states, "the only way to determine what you're 
> dealing with is to actually look at it."


> With ffplay you can use the "s" key to activate frame 
> step mode which may be useful.

I would say that it is simple to distinguish between 
interlaced and telecined at real time (but it may be easier 
with frame-stepping) because the progressive frames are very 
visible but the true problem is imo that inverse telecine is 
nearly not possible with FFmpeg atm.

Carl Eugen

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