[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg producing garbled output / problems

Ray Larsen rayfreeagent at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 21 19:47:32 CET 2012

movie.mpg plays fine in VLC Player.

I get audio but no video in Quicktime Player 10.0 for Mac.

It plays fine in Windows Media Player 12.

 From: Carl Eugen Hoyos <cehoyos at ag.or.at>
To: ffmpeg-user at ffmpeg.org 
Sent: Friday, December 21, 2012 9:35 AM
Subject: Re: [FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg producing garbled output / problems
Ray Larsen <rayfreeagent <at> yahoo.com> writes:

> ffmpeg -ar 48000 -f s16le -ac 2 -i /dev/zero -loop 1 -i psa.tif 
> -t 15 -r 29.97 -q:v 1 -c:v mpeg2video -c:a mp2
> -vf "fade=in:0:30, fade=out:420:30" psa.mpg

Does psa.mpg play fine?

> Create a watermark
> ffmpeg -loop 1 -i watermark.png -frames:v 1798 -vf 
> "fade=in:0:30, fade=out:1768:30" -c:v png -pix_fmt
> rgba watermark.mov

Does watermark.mov play fine?

> Apply the watermark to main.mov
> ffmpeg -i main.mov -qscale:v 1 -c:v mpeg2video -vf 
> "movie=watermark.mov [watermark]; [in][watermark]
> overlay=0:0 [out]" movie.mpg

Does movie.mpg play fine?

Sorry, but apart from the missing console output 
(that is not only useful because it contains the 
version information, but because it contains all 
information about your transcoding attempts) there 
is also the problem that you describe so many steps 
that it is difficult to guess at which point it 

Carl Eugen

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