[FFmpeg-user] transcode for making a DVD?

Frank Häfemeier ffmpeg at frank.haefemeier.eu
Thu Dec 27 00:12:22 CET 2012

Hi and Merry Christmas!

Am Mittwoch, den 26.12.2012, 17:27 -0500 schrieb .:
> What code should I use, generally, for making a DVD compatible file?
> Here's what I would like to do;
> 1- Take an mp4 file and convert so that it can be burned to a DVD. (I'm
> in the US so I think the US uses either PAL or NTSC or whatever it's
> called).
> 1a- DVD authoring (like DVDStyler) isn't necessary
> 2- Burn the resulting file created in step 1 using K3b or something similar.
> 3- Execute the above with the least amount of hassles.

I am not sure if anything is possible to do only with ffmpeg. Here is,
what I do to create a DVD:
1. convert and demux (= split video and audio) source file into m2v and
ac3/mp2 files with ffmpeg parameter '-target pal-dvd' (in your case
should be ntsc-dvd). This parameter set all relevant and necessary
parameter, related to the DVD standard.
2. mux (= join video and audio) with 'mplex' together to create 'vob'
3. Use dvdstyler to author the dvd (use option 'no transcoding/muxing').
This step should be possible to skip, if you have a template to create
the ISO file, but I never tried it.
4. Create a ISO file, check the DVD and burn it.

For item 1. and 2. I created a shell script (linux) to make it as simple
as possible, currently to create DVD from SD and HD material, captured
from television.


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