[FFmpeg-user] Problems Converting JPEG Image Files to MPEG Movie file

Brent L. Bates blbates at vigyan.com
Fri May 4 16:14:08 CEST 2012

     I figured out my problem.  I had tried the `%d' option earlier but it
wasn't working so I tried multiple files on the command line.  My `%d' tries
didn't work because my files are date/time stamped and are not a continuous
unbroken count of files.  I'm porting a script from another platform and that
script does change the file names to a continuous unbroken count of files, but
I hadn't tried running the script yet as I wanted to manually test the ffmpeg
command to make sure it would do what I wanted.  After I changed my script to
use ffmpet, it worked fine.  No ffmpeg errors or segfaults.  Thanks for
getting pointed back in the right direction.

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