[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg RTSP (No JPEG data found in image)

Daniel Martinez Ramos daniel.martinez at sacnet.es
Thu May 10 10:48:01 CEST 2012

Please I need to catch jpeg frames from a mjpeg video streamed under 
rtsp, in port 665.
The size and port are correct but I'm not quite sure all parameters are 

When running the command:

ffmpeg -i rtsp://192.168.xx.xx:665 -vcodec mjpeg -s 704x576 -f image2 

I get these errors:

[mjpeg @ 0x947bb00] No JPEG data found in image
[mjpeg @ 0x947bb00] Found EOI before any SOF, ignoring
[mjpeg @ 0x947bb00] No JPEG data found in image
^Cdecoding for stream 0 failed
[rtsp @ 0x9473aa0] Could not find codec parameters (Video: mjpeg)
[rtsp @ 0x9473aa0] Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be inaccurate
rtsp:// could not find codec parameters

The build info is the next:

root at xxx:~# ffmpeg
ffmpeg version 0.10.3 Copyright (c) 2000-2012 the FFmpeg developers
   built on May  9 2012 17:44:24 with gcc 4.4.5
   configuration: --prefix=/usr --enable-runtime-cpudetect 
--enable-hardcoded-tables --enable-libx264 --enable-zlib --enable-shared 
--enable-gpl --enable-decoder=h264 --enable-decoder=mjpeg 
--enable-network --enable-protocol=tcp --enable-demuxer=rtsp 
--enable-decoder=h264 --enable-libopenjpeg --disable-debug

Also say that ffmpeg plays perfectly the mjpeg video if it receives the 
input piped from openRTSP like this:

openRTSP -c -t -v rtsp:// | ffmpeg -f mjpeg -i - -f 
image2 fichero-%03d.jpeg

Therefore I can guess I'm missing any parameter to help ffmpeg  to 
manage the rtsp stream, I can not use the piping method because is for a 
openCV aplication.

Daniel Martinez

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