[FFmpeg-user] Mixing audio tracks

Andrey Utkin andrey.krieger.utkin at gmail.com
Wed May 23 15:31:49 CEST 2012

2012/5/23 Nicolas George <nicolas.george at normalesup.org>:
> -af works only for a single input and a single output. For several inputs or
> outputs, you need to use -filter_complex.

Thanks for explanation!

>> Then i tried -f lavfi, but having confusion about usability of it.
>> amerge filter tells on merging two mono files "Inputs overlap: output
>> layout will be meaningless".
> That is probably normal, since your source tracks have the same channels.

I don't get the point, why i can't merge two mono channels for further
mixing. Or how should i show my intention to lavfi.

Andrey Utkin

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