[FFmpeg-user] mmsh streams and immense buffering

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Thu May 24 07:53:50 CEST 2012

Patrick Cornwell <patrick <at> cornwell.org> writes:

> It does not crash when encoding the non problematic streams utilising
> (presumably) the libx264 codecs when outputting a .flv or .mp4. 

It does not matter the input: If FFmpeg crashes, there is a serious 
issue, as said, it can (normally) be either fixed if it can be 
reproduced (I cannot reproduce it but I may miss something since 
I have not seen console output when it crashes without -vcodec 
libx264) or if a backtrace is provided. Please understand that I 
am not asking you to recompile FFmpeg, I am simply explaining why 
the crash is unlikely to get fixed atm.

> ffplay -i "mmsh://"

Why aren't you using -probesize?
Without, I also get a delay (actually, I suspect I get a delay, 
I never waited long enough).


> What's mildly odd is that it will play in FFPlay and look fine

I believe it actually is not correct (= there is A/V desync when 
you play the stream with ffplay), but because of the nature of the 
streams, you don't (easily) see it.

Carl Eugen

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