[FFmpeg-user] ABUSE: Spam from "ptrtap at yahoo.com"

ianm at brick.net ianm at brick.net
Thu May 24 15:44:54 CEST 2012

On Thu, 24 May 2012 15:20:14 +0200
  Reindl Harald <h.reindl at thelounge.net> wrote:
> Am 24.05.2012 15:14, schrieb John Doe:
>> From: Peter Tap <ptrtap at yahoo.com>
>>> Dude,
>>> I am NOT sending any spam. I don't have the time or the 
>>>inclination to do 
>>> so. Do a little bit of research on email security or 
>>>lack of it.
>>> If I have to send spam, why would I use my own email 
>>>address to do so?
>> Almost every day I am receiving some of these "Yahoo 
>>security mega alert about to close your account if you do 
>>not login on the fake login page on that weird looking 
>>non yahoo URL".
>> The fact is that they all go in my spam folder... So I 
>>have no idea how people gets fooled by these.
> that is not the point
> the point is that someone who's mail-account is hacked
> has to fix this IMMEDIATELY an not after some days and
> there is no excuse that this happens again 24 hours
> after a off-list mail
> also fact is that many people are whitelisting their
> mailing-lists on spam-firewalls because especially
> on technical lists they are otherwise often catched
> as false positives
> however: "Dude, I am NOT sending any spam" is after two
> days of spamming a reaction with no excuse and if some
> foreign hacker is using your account does not change
> anything in the fact your are responsible for it

It's called a "Joe Job" 

It's relatively easy to send email appearing to be from a 
particular email address, without that user's username and 
password.  I was sending people email from god at heaven.edu 
in the late 80s.  See also email spoofing 

A fairly popular technique amongst spammers is to roll 
through mailing lists and look at the users' email 
addresses, then use those addresses to send spam to the 

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