[FFmpeg-user] supporting arguments for FFV1 encoding

Dave Rice daverice at mac.com
Thu May 24 16:43:11 CEST 2012


I am testing using FFV1 encoding and have some questions on use.

When encoding to >8 bit (like ffmpeg v210.mov -c:v ffv1 ffv1.mov) I get this warning:
[ffv1 @ 0x7f83a1850a00] bits_per_raw_sample of more than 8 needs -coder 1 currently

Could -coder 1 be the default in circumstances like this? Is there a disadvantage to using -coder 1? In other cases ffmpeg will provide an error and no output when the user needs to provide more information to make a decision about the encoding. In this case there doesn't seem to be any significant decisions to be made, the user just has to add -coder 1.

With FFV1 version 3 specifically, when I run a command like this:
ffmpeg -y -f lavfi -i testsrc=duration=5 -c:v ffv1 -level 3 -strict experimental out.mov

I get the error:
[ffv1 @ 0x7fd879850a00] Unsupported number 0 of slices requested, please specify a supported number with -slices (ex:4,6,9,12,16, ...)

If I specify slices manually, -slices 4, then the encode will work. To make this simply could ffv1 version 1.3 use a default number of slices but still provide the option for tweaks.

Dave Rice

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