[FFmpeg-user] mmsh streams and immense buffering

Phil Rhodes phil_rhodes at rocketmail.com
Thu May 24 16:57:17 CEST 2012

> You've failed to grasp (again) that the important word in Pat's
> sentence that I didn't notice in his earlier emails is "Windows".

I grasp that very well. I suspect our friend Mr Hoyos doesn't. You would  
do well to remember that

> Sensible OSs don't prevent users from helping developers like that.

I'm not interested in an OS war. If you don't want to support windows  
because you have some sort of political problem with it, please ask people  
to stop making windows builds or at least make it clear that you can't be  
bothered to support anything but linux.

> Again this is only really an issue on Windows (and somewhat on Macs),
> because decent compile environment that doesn't cost the earth is
> hard work to set up.  On Linux, it's trivial.

Please, linux people, I know you struggle to understand this, but this is  
after all a user list, for users, not for high-level software engineers  
with years of experience. Compiling software, on any operating system, is  
a topic for professional software engineers, who are likely to have the  
experience and training necessary to solve the various problems that will  
very certainly come up.

Doing it on linux requires you to be an expert in makefiles, configure  
scripts, ffmpeg itself, the API to all the external libraries it uses,  
their configure and make files, and to unpack the right versions of the  
right files and folders into the right places, in the right version of the  
right OS with the right patches, updates and hardware available. And if  
any one of these things is even slightly out of place (which it will be)  
the process will fail, and you'll find yourself up to your neck in some of  
the world's most poorly-documented C and assembly code and the pile of  
shell scripts that Linux people like to pretend is an IDE.

> He's asking him not to use external libraries, i.e. not to select the  
> x264 codec

That's not my understanding of "don't use external libraries", but that's  
my point: I'm not a software engineer. It's difficult to ensure that the  
thing won't pull in some bit of code from an external source at some  
point, no matter what you ask it to do. Unless you understand its internal  
workings, of course. Which I don't, and I suspect the OP doesn't, either.

> I'd suggest that you owe him an apology

Of course you would.

My problem with Carl Eugen Hoyos is that he doesn't really try to help  
anyone; he simply demands that people do things he probably knows they  
can't do. This is arrogant sophistry, it's idiocy, and it's sadly exactly  
what I've come to expect from the open source world.

You have got to stop assuming that everyone who appears on this list is an  
ffmpeg developer of ten years' experience who knows how to cast the right  
bones, chant the right incantations, etc. That, or close the list and just  
have the devel one, and the rest of us can rely on forums.

What's not OK is to be rude to people on the basis that their questions  
are too basic for you. You aren't required to be on this list, and you  
aren't required to try to help people. If you can't do so civilly, don't  
do it at all.


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