[FFmpeg-user] ABUSE: Spam from "ptrtap at yahoo.com"

Stefano Sabatini stefasab at gmail.com
Fri May 25 01:13:20 CEST 2012

On date Thursday 2012-05-24 19:43:57 +0200, Reindl Harald encoded:
> are you now totally crazy or why do you idiot reply

OK boys that was fun but that's going a bit too far.

Reindl: we all are "real idiots" in a way or another, a bit of
tolerance is required even if someone is lacking what in your eyes is
elementary technical background or netiquette knowledge.

Also that language and that attitude is *definitively* not acceptable
in this list, so I'm going to ask the list administrators to moderate
you in case I read another mail from you in the same tone.

Everybody has his problems, someone may miss a mail or even an hacker
sabotage of his mail account, and they may have not the time and the
energy (or even the knowledge) to babysit their computer 24/7.

Peter: fix the issue as soon as possible and try to avoid it to happen

All: in these cases please directly contact the list administrators,
whose contacts can be found here:

this way you achieve the double purpose of avoiding spamming the
mailing list and avoiding spreading flamefests like this, which
usually don't help the involved people in any way. You may have fun
(well a flamefest from time to time is fun to read and breaks the
boredom of technical threads), but until a point, which I think has
been reached right now. Please continue the flamefest in private if
you really enjoy it.
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