[FFmpeg-user] config.h ends in null chars ??

Fabrice DELENTE fdelente at mail.cpod.fr
Wed May 30 19:48:04 CEST 2012

> I have the same issue since i have pgradiong to kernel 3.4 on
> severalsmachines there is garbage at the end of config.h after doing
> ./configure
> in the script configure there a copy from a temporary config.h (
> $TMPH) to config.h the $TMPH is good , not the config.h
> if you add a line cp $TMPH config.g the the configG is correct  !
> clearly it's a kernel 3.4 issue.

I don't know if it's a kernel issue, however I tried some things, and
here are my findings:

instead of cp_if_changed $TMPH config.h, I put

cp $TMPH here
cp $TMPH config.h

and both 'here' and 'config.h' were corrupted.

However, putting

cp $TMPH /tmp/here
cp $TMPH config.h

gave me a correct config.h... Really, really strange ! But a least I
can try to compile and install ffmpeg :^)

Thanks for the hint!

F. Delente

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