[FFmpeg-user] Captured video is not smooth (Solved but Lip Sync Occur)

mohamed hefny m.hefny at nilesat.com.eg
Sat Feb 2 11:45:03 CET 2013

Hello Carl,
Thank you very much for your help. Motion is smooth now after using the following command (Removing +ilme+ildct) and Replacing (-Top 1 with -vf yadif=0:1):
ffmpeg -f dshow -i video="Decklink Video Capture (2)":audio="Decklink Audio Capture (2)" -y -s 720x576 -r 25 -aspect "4:3" -pix_fmt yuv420p -flags +cgop -vf yadif=0:1 -sc_threshold 1000000000 -g 12 -bf 2 -flags2 +sgop -vcodec mpeg2video -b:v 2800K -maxrate 2800K -minrate 2800K -bufsize 2000k -crf 23 -acodec mp2 -ab 128K -metadata service_provider="MHEFNY" "c:\\outx.m2t" 
But the audio is out of sync by about 0.3 Sec, Is it possible to overcome that lip sync.
Thank you in advance 
Mohamed Hefny


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mohamed hefny <m.hefny <at> nilesat.com.eg> writes:

> The problem I am facing now is, when there is fast
> movments (or sudden change) in input video signal.
> Which are not smooth (looks like fading or shadwos
> exist) in the captured video.

If you mean "combing", the effect shown by interlaced
video, there are several de-interlacing filters in
FFmpeg, yadif is recommended.
(Don't use ildct and ilme on de-interlaced input.)

Carl Eugen

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