[FFmpeg-user] Decoding Raw YUV Frames From MPEG2

Stu mario753 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 2 12:40:09 CET 2013


I know this sounds pretty obvious, but I'm having trouble getting accurate results when decoding a standard MPEG2 video file into its component raw YUV.

My command line is simple (from the documentation page):-
ffmpeg -i F:\ak.m2v output.yuv

Looking at the output file in a hex editor, a significant percentage of samples are out of range (16-235).  MPEG2 can't physically store samples like this, so I'm curious as to where they are coming from and if they can be clipped.

This was run with the ffmpeg-20130202-git-985e93a-win64-static build, btw.



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