[FFmpeg-user] Measuring received stream quality

Miguel Matos razielukain at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 16:35:33 CET 2013


 I'm using ffmpeg as a client for an udp stream ( with ffmpeg -report -vstats -i udp://localhost:60001 output_drops.mpg -loglevel verbose ).
The log produced when the stream received is not 'perfect' contains a bunch of errors like "end mismatch left=4677 147B52" and "concealing 520 DC, 520 AC, 520 MV errors in P frame".

I would like some pointers or explanation on the meaning of these errors, namely what they semantically mean and what's behind values like 520 DC and so on.
Ideally, I would like to have some kind of measurement of the quality of the received stream and answer some questions like:
- does no errors reported imply the stream was played crystal clear ?
- is it possible to create a mapping of the errors/amount of errors to a better metric like the number of unplayable/unviewable frames ?

Note that visual inspection of the video does not work because we need some quantifiable metric,  just a 'looks good' is not enough.

Thanks in advance,

Miguel Matos

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