[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg behavior for corrupted or missing

Mohammed Smadi msmadi at rim.com
Thu Feb 7 20:07:58 CET 2013

Assuming we have a sequence of encoded H.264 stream (e.g. IPPPPIPPPP....) which - again for simplicity - is packaged one video frame per NALU.

Assume that a given NALU is missed due to poor channel conditions and the typical transport (TCP/UDP) and MAC layer retry/correction mechanisms were not sufficient to transfer it across.

1-      What is the expected behavior of ffmpeg in this case (e.g. is it completely skipped or the previous frame gets replayed, etc...)?

a.       Would this behavior depend on the type on the frame type?

2-      Assuming the missed frame arrives significantly past its display time (i.e. it will not be display), would it still be used in anyway?

a.       Again, would this behavior depend on the type on the frame type?


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