[FFmpeg-user] Offsetting a PNG sequence..

Karim Beyrouti karim at kurst.co.uk
Fri Feb 8 12:05:42 CET 2013

Hello FFMPEG, 

First post… loving FFMPEG so far. 

I am having some issues offsetting a PNG sequence on a video. I am currently using "-itsoffset" to shift the sequence 13 seconds - however it is giving me strange wrapping issues. I am not sure it is the right command to achieve this. 

This is the command I am using:

ffmpeg -i Mobile.flv -itsoffset 00:00:13.00 -i C:\exports\t\%d.png -filter_complex overlay -r 25 C:\exports\Test.mp4

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated…


Karim Beyrouti

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