[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg behavior for corrupted or missing

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Fri Feb 8 14:25:04 CET 2013

Mohammed Smadi <msmadi <at> rim.com> writes:

> Assuming we have a sequence of encoded H.264 stream 
> (e.g. IPPPPIPPPP....) which - again for simplicity - is
> packaged one video frame per NALU.
> Assume that a given NALU is missed due to poor channel 
> conditions and the typical transport (TCP/UDP) and MAC 
> layer retry/correction mechanisms were not sufficient to 
> transfer it across.

I wonder how likely it is that (exactly) a whole NALU 
gets lost on transport...


> This transmission (including any attachments) may contain 
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Please note that this sentence makes no sense when sending 
an email to a public mailing list (that is mirrored many 
times on the internet).

Carl Eugen

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