[FFmpeg-user] webm: issues with firefox

Mohan G mohancloudworld at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 20:51:01 CET 2013


I am encoding some video files into webm format for streaming on my test

I am using ffmpeg to convert avi files to webm format, using

ffmpeg -i inp.avi -f webm out.webm


ffmpeg -i inp.avi -codec:v libvpx -codec:a libvorbis out.webm

But these webm files can be played on chrome browser but fail on firefox.
Firefox buffers all the video and then control goes to the end of the
video. If I drag the control to the beginning, then video starts playing.
While chrome starts playing the video automatically while the video is
still buffering.

Here are the details of the webm files generated,

Stream 0:

Type: Video

Codec: Google/On2's VP8 Video (VP80)

Stream 1:

Type: Audio

Codec: Verbis Audio (vorb)

Channels: Stereo

encoder: Lavc54.59.100

If I disable audio in the output stream using "-an" option then firefox
plays video automatically ( like chrome).

There some other webm files which I downloaded from youtube and they play
fine on both chrome and firefox. Their only difference form the above webm
files (that fail to play on firefox) is that they don't have "encoder:
LavcXXXXX" in the output audio stream.

So can anyone suggest me how to convert any video into a webm (not ogv)
format which is compatible with firefox and chrome.



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