[FFmpeg-user] webm: issues with firefox

Mohan G mohancloudworld at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 04:56:43 CET 2013

> Then what? You didn't provide enough information for anyone to
> duplicate this issue such as how you're providing the video to the
> browsers, your browser versions, your platform, etc.
After generating the webm file, I am streaming it with nginx (Ver 1.2.6)
webserver. To view it on my local machine, I am using firefox (Ver. 17.0.1)
and chrome (Ver. 24.0.1312.52). Instead of streaming with nginx, I also
tried copying the file to my local machine and opened it directly using the
browser. Still the webm file doesn't play automatically on firefox. Firefox
just buffers the video and control goes to the end. I had to manually move
the control to the beginning, to play it. But on chrome, it plays

My server has Intel-64 bit processor with Fedora-18. The webm file is
generated on this machine, using ffmpeg (Ver 1.0.1).
My local machine has Intel-32 bit processor with Fedora-16.

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