[FFmpeg-user] Converting MPEG-TS to MKV with hard coded subtitles produces error message

Nicolas George nicolas.george at normalesup.org
Sun Feb 17 16:15:05 CET 2013

Le septidi 27 pluviôse, an CCXXI, Stuart a écrit :
> Thank you for the reply. I've now tried adding the "-s:s 720x576"
> option as you suggested but the result has not changed. Is the
> position significant? The command is now:
> ffmpeg -i Suburgatory-20121110-1024.TS
>        -s:s 720x576
>        -filter_complex "[0:v][0:s]overlay"
>        -sn sub.mkv
> The canvas does not appear to have changed size and I still get the
> "sub2video: rectangle overflowing" messages. The output contains:

The -s:s option should have been before the -i option, but it would not have
worked, I remembered wrong how it applies.

There is right now no way of setting the canvas size so that it will work
like that. I will try to think of something not too ugly.

In the meantime, you can try to remux your input file with an additional
video stream with resolution 720x576 that will only just be used to set the
canvas size.


  Nicolas George
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