[FFmpeg-user] wall clock time(s) in setpts filter (RTCSTART deprecated?)

Daniel Oberhoff daniel at danieloberhoff.de
Mon Feb 18 12:18:41 CET 2013


Starting a new thread for this as the old one seems to have died.

I have a problem with synchronizing live streams in a mosaic. I have 
been pointed towards the stpts filter. But since the stream itself is 
missing any reference to wall clock time, I would like to use what is 
documented as RTCSTART. In the doc it says this should be the start 
time of the stream, and it even documents this as the solution:

setpts='(RTCTIME - RTCSTART) / (TB * 1000000)'

but it also says that RTCTIME is deprecated, and indeed both RTCTIME 
and RTCSTART are no longer valid (also confirmed by looking at 
sources). It also makes a reference to time(0) which should be used 
instead, but this is not documented, and I could not find anything in 
the sources either.

Any pointers?

Using ffmpeg built from source on January second (hash 
5ed5e90f2ae299cbec66996860d794771a85fee8 commited on january 1st).



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