[FFmpeg-user] File sizes for full search, epzs, and other motion estimation algorithms

문준형 jh.moon.cs at yonsei.ac.kr
Wed Feb 20 08:07:39 CET 2013

I measured file sizes after encoding with H.263 codec, changing motion estimation algorithms

I fixed quantization value 10, GOP size 10 in my experiments.

Followings are commands that I used

full search

: ffmpeg -s qcif -i foreman_qcif.yuv -vcodec h263 -g 10 -q 10 -dia_size 1285 -qmin 10 -qmax 10 full_foreman_dia1285.avi


: ffmpeg -s qcif -i foreman_qcif.yuv -vcodec h263 -g 10 -q 10 -qmin 10 -qmax 10 epzs_foreman.avi

As I know, encoding with full search takes the longest time but has the smallest file size.

However, encoding with epzs takes shorter time than encoding with full search

and encoded file size with epzs is smaller than encoded file size with full search.

Also psnr with epzs is almost same as psnr with full search.

Please let me know anything about this result....

Thanks in advance !!

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