[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg with -vf "ass=..." and -ss options (windows static version 32 bits version)

Tom Evans tevans.uk at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 20 13:42:17 CET 2013

On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 12:03 PM, Yoda Yoda <yoda_26 at hotmail.fr> wrote:
> When I put the -ss option just before the name of the output file, It does not work.

Are we supposed to guess what didn't work, or what command line you
used? Show your command line, and full uncut output if you expect
anyone to be able to assist you.

"it does not work" is the most irrelevant thing you can say when
asking for help. All it does is make someone explain how stupid it is,
which doesn't get you any further.



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