[FFmpeg-user] Passing metadata from flv ?

Orlando Rivera oriv at timeview.com
Wed Feb 20 20:27:24 CET 2013

I need to pass custom flv metadata thru ffmpeg. what I am doing is injecting my own timestamp in flv and converting old nellymoser audio to aac but I lose metadata on other side (this is for live stream coming and going to FMS/Wowza). I was thinking new ffmpeg 1.1 could do this (other than adding metadata on command line) but so far no luck.  I know injecting metadata into flv is/was common. I would think passing this metadata thru to other format (n my case aac/h264) would be a common need.
I think just converting nellymoser to aac and leaving the rest in flv or f4v warper would do it (and let Wowza do the start?).

help, Thanks

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