[FFmpeg-user] system freeze when ffmpeg , ffserver and vlc remote client running simultaneously

Soho Soho123 soho123.2012 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 03:03:53 CET 2013

Hi All,

I encountered a big trouble about stability issue.
I setup a stream server with ffserver, and use ffmpeg to get video
frame from usb webcam.
then my target embedd system will freeze after running a few minutes
when using vlc to connect ffserver.

if I do NOT use vlc client to connect ffserver, then the target system
is stable over night.
the system can keep running when there is no any client connected.
Does anyone have idea: which point can be checked about this issue?
It seems the issue about video data access issue between ffserver and ffmpeg.
since ffmpeg will "WRITE" to feed file and ffserver will "READ" feed
file.Am I right?
Before I try to setup gdb debugging ,  anything I can check?

ffserver config:
Port 8090
MaxHTTPConnections 200
MaxClients 10
CustomLog -
<Feed feed1.ffm>
File /tmp/feed1.ffm
FileMaxSize 5M
ACL allow
<Stream test.mjpeg>
Feed feed1.ffm
Format mjpeg
VideoSize 640x480
VideoFrameRate 30
VideoBitRate 20000
VideoQMin 1
VideoQMax 10
ffmpeg command line:
ffmpeg -f video4linux2 -r 30 -s 640x480 -input_format mjpeg -i
/dev/video0 -vcodec copy http://localhost:8090/feed1.ffm

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