[FFmpeg-user] FFMpeg built with libavfilter 1.46.0 watermark support

Aritrim Basu aritrim at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 08:15:43 CET 2013

I am running a FFMpeg build with libavfilter 1.46.0. I do the vf switch for
video filters. However, I am unable to watermark a video with a PNG file.
The latest FFMpeg build carries libavfilter 3.37. My question is does
1.46.0 have the watermark support? Am I missing on the syntax? I am using

ffmpeg -i inputvideo.avi -vf "movie=logo.png [watermark];
[in][watermark] overlay=main_w/2-overlay_w/2:main_h/2-overlay_h/2
[out]" outputvideo.flv

Thanks and Regards,

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