[FFmpeg-user] last frame missing from mpeg2 and mpeg1 encodes

Chris Vincze chris-v at moving-picture.com
Fri Feb 22 16:44:47 CET 2013

(The mov files you uploaded have completely different
properties than the one you described in your
original post.)

I know, I was just trying to keep your downloads small by giving smaller source files. However, I'm getting the same problem with any input source.

(Why do you define audio encoding for a video-only file?)

This a general case for any input. I need to create a resultant file with audio even if it's silence.

I tested this command line for the sample you uploaded
and the output file has ten frames (and no green bar) here.
I tested this command line and the output file has 100
frames here,

Do you think you could upload the files you made so I can see it on my system?

this is also what your console output shows:
frame= 100 fps=0.0 q=1.0 Lsize= 120kB time=00:00:03.96 bitrate= 248.2kbits/s

That's the strange thing. I get the same frame=100 readout, yet when I analyse the resulting file I get a short output.

ffprobe output from 10 frame encode:
Duration: 00:00:00.32, start: 0.540000, bitrate: 307 kb/s

ffprobe output from 10 frame source:
Duration: 00:00:00.40, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 579 kb/s

ffrprobe output from 100 frame encode:
Duration: 00:00:03.96, start: 0.540000, bitrate: 248 kb/s

ffprobe output from 100 frame source:
Duration: 00:00:04.00, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 689 kb/s

 the other one contains
100 frames.

Are you getting a different output from ffprobe? are you seeing the 100 frames visually?

Thank you so much for helping on this!



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