[FFmpeg-user] wmalossless - a/v sync issue

David Hahn ddhahn at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 15:54:40 CET 2013

Hello all,

I am working with ffmpeg in the context of Kaltura (kaltura.org). I am
updating the version of ffmpeg used by this product to support decoding of
the wmalossless codec.

As I have nothing else to really go on, I compiled ffmpeg similarly to how
the ffmpeg that was distributed with kaltura was compiled. The aim being to
include the same libraries, but take advantage of newer codecs that had
been built into the ffmpeg.

I was able to get ffmpeg to compile from a git clone taken yesterday. It
works OK in that files are getting transcoded, however, it seems with the
wmalossless input files, the video ends up very out of sync with the audio.

Here is the sample data I have:

Original video: http://jabba.servebeer.com:51234/store/testfile3.wmv
transcoded to H.264 and AAC:
log from transcode: http://pastebin.com/3huu9m9P

I've renamed the input-output files from what's reflected in the log. I
ensure they are accurate.

Notice in the log entries complaining about Queue input being incorrect and
the output audio codec complaining about DTS\PTS.

I have minimal control over the arguments used when doing the transcoding.
It's whatever Kaltura tried to use. I believe I have some control, but I am
not sure how much at this point.

Any help is appreciated. I wasn't sure I have enough to submit a bug
request. If you believe I should do that, I can.


Dave Hahn

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