[FFmpeg-user] Tnascode H.264 HLS to MPEG2 UDP TS (for DVB-C broadcast)

Albert Scholtalbers compuvision.sr at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 22:37:55 CET 2013


>ffmpeg.exe -muxpreload 30 -re -threads 0 -i
> "" -c:v mpeg2video  -pix_fmt yuv420p
> -me_method epzs -g 50 -b:v 5000k -bt 300k -c:a mp2 -ac 2 -b:a 256k -ar
> 48000 -bf 2 -b_strategy 1 -trellis 2 -cmp 2 -subcmp 2 -vstats -mbd rd
>-copyinkf -flags +ilme+ildct+qprd+mv0 -flags2 +fast+skiprd -fflags
>+genpts -metadata service_provider="TestProv" -metadata
> service_name="TestChannel" -mpegts_start_pid 500 -streamid 1:700 -f
> mpegts -tune zerolatency

A few remarks.
- If you use command line and don't need to use proprietarian software, why
do you use Windows, In my opinion support on Linux is better and monitoring
possibilities go way further
- Linux is more stable than Linux, no Virus scanner needed, you can run on
a server (don't need much resources)
- Linux has better network implementation.
- Is ffserver not for streaming in stead of ffmpeg?

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