[FFmpeg-user] Can I speed up transcoding?

Leo Papadopoulos leo at telecomcto.com
Tue Jan 8 16:51:58 CET 2013

Dear Henk & Carl:

Thanks for the advice on playing with threads. I tried threads up to 16
which is the maximum that FFMEG lets me use before it gives me a warning
that >16 is not recommended. Unfortunately, it does not seem to make any
difference to my transcode time. I ran tests using ultrafast about 20 times
and the transcode time for my 1m39s FLV vary from 0m28s to 1m30s. This
shows that the Amazon instance I am using is giving me variable performance
depending on what else is going on in the virtual cloud.

My conclusion is that I will need to get a faster instance from Amazon EC2.
I am presently using their smallest and slowest instance. Thank you once
again for your time and help. This is a really helpful mailing list. :-)

Leo P.

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