[FFmpeg-user] converting AV from mpeg_ts to mp4 container error

Albert Scholtalbers compuvision.sr at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 21:56:36 CET 2013

> So FFmpeg is unable to correctly read this sample.
> Does any other (real) software succeed?
> (MPlayer, vlc, WMP?)
> If yes, please provide a sample.
> Carl Eugen

Hi Carl Eugen,

First of a very big thank you for all the work you put in this project!
It seems almost that you are 24/7 posting and helping people out

I don't know exactly what you mean by sample. I think you refer to logging.
Working on:
- Edius 6.01 and latest version
- VLC 2.0.4.
--- dummy log  on Windows 7--------------------------
"f:\PG_ATV_2208_Test.opnam.ts" --intf dummy
[004b4a30] dummy interface: VLC media player - 2.0.4 Twoflower
[004b4a30] dummy interface: Copyright © 1996-2012 VLC authors and VideoLAN
[004b4a30] dummy interface:
Waarschuwing: als u de GUI niet meer kunt bereiken, opent u een
commandoregelvenster en start u in de map waar u VLC geïnstalleerd heeft
"vlc -l qt".

[004b4a30] dummy interface: using the dummy interface module...
libdvbpsi error (PSI decoder): TS discontinuity (received 3, expected 0)
for PID 0
libdvbpsi error (PSI decoder): TS discontinuity (received 3, expected 0)
for PID 66
[004d95e8] ts demux error: MPEG-4 descriptor not found
[004cced8] packetizer_mpeg4audio packetizer: AAC channels: 2 samplerate:
So it seems to miss out on a MPEG-4 descriptor as well, but plays it
without problems. You need to add this info every x packages when encoding
(capturing from a Card?) in your command?

I don't have Mplayer, but I will download later, and I don't use WMP due to
all codecs you need to install.


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