[FFmpeg-user] Using Frei0r mixers

Michael Rampe michael.rampe at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 00:48:35 CET 2013

I have got the Frei0r filter set compiled and working.

Looking through the Frei0r source, I notice that there are several
"mixer" filters like "multiply" that take multiple inputs and use
composite modes (like additive, subtractive, multiply etc.) to create
the output.

Is there any way to use these in a filter chain? (basically like the
overlay avfilter - two inputs, one output)
Is there any other way (current or in the works) to achieve the same
thing with the base avfilter set?


p.s. Bonus question: does anyone know of a list of parameters for the
different Frei0r filters? I have exhausted google on this and have
reverted to reading the source for each filter which is very tricky to
work out the bounds for some filters parameters especially when using
the "double" data type.

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