[FFmpeg-user] converting AV from mpeg_ts to mp4 container error

Albert Scholtalbers compuvision.sr at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 15:19:32 CET 2013

>Simply analyze the transport stream and cut it at the beginning
>of an I (or, if present, an IDR) frame.
>Note that this is not guaranteed to work, valid streams without
>I-frames are allowed.

The advantage is that I'm creating the streams myself, so that shouldn't be
a problem.
So it seems there is not a simple answer like, look for byte pattern
0x00340, and there is the I-frame or IDR-frame
I've spend many hours understanding the Wikipedia page on mpeg-ts without
too much effort. It's quite complex and lacking examples how to break it
down for "dummies"
I found a new page, with a probably easier aproach;
It seems a lot of the analyzing and bit/byte counting can be handled by

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