[FFmpeg-user] libopencv linking in configure: patch

Jonas Bechtel post at jbechtel.de
Sun Jan 13 17:19:55 CET 2013


 when configuring ffmpeg-1.1 Fire Flower with --enable-libopencv I get ERROR: libopencv not found although I have installed libopencv-devel.

 Following change in configure file (complete file appended) solves the problem:

 < flags=$(filter_out '-l*' $@)
 < libs=$(filter '-l*' $@)
> flags=$(filter_out '-l*|*.so' $@)
> libs=$(filter '-l*|*.so' $@)

 The reason is that my gcc doesn't accept a command line like that:
 gcc libxyz.so -o program program.o
 It must be:
 gcc -o program program.o libxyz.so
 I think that changed recently in some gcc version but I don't really know.
 The check_ld sub-program in configure appends libraries but you have to add "*.so" to the library pattern.

 The actual compile commands are OK, only the configure library check makes this error.

 I hope this problem hasn't been solved so far so that this mail is a help for you.

 Jonas Bechtel

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