[FFmpeg-user] confusion with "-vsync 1" / "-vsync cfr" and "-map" (to sync audio to video)

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Tue Jan 15 22:00:41 CET 2013

tracey jaquith <tracey <at> archive.org> writes:

> I was about to say, "will do", but it turns out I had 
> been using "-async" properly before, but had various issues 

> (especially came up with MPEG-TS with 5.1 audio that dropped
> down to stereo and lower quality local affiliate commercials for us).

This is hard to believe / unrelated to .sync / please 
provide a report and a sample.

> For completion / archiving / in hopes of helping someone 
> else down the line, as of now I am going with:
>    -vsync 1

I would be extremely glad if you could share a sample that needs 
vsync 1, I don't think we have one (or at least I don't know 
of one).

Carl Eugen

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